Above Ground Pool Liners by Merlin Industries Inc

Above ground liners from Merlin Industries, Inc. are not your ordinary above ground liners.

Many of the above ground liners on the market today are manufactured overseas and imported. Although this may allow the manufacturer to charge less for these liners, that “low” price often comes hand in hand with poor quality as these over-seas manufacturers do not follow the same guidelines when it comes to formulation of the liner. Fillers and sub-standard additives used in the manufacturing of these liners can result in pre-mature fading, wrinkling and damage to the liner with normal use. Merlin Above Ground liners are manufactured in the USA using only North American Vinyl, no over-seas vinyl is used in our manufacturing process, period.
Some above ground liner manufactures play games with thickness, referring to thickness of their liners in “gauge” not “mil” as liners are normally measured.

By referring to their thickness as “gauge” they can make their liners seem thicker than they are. Merlin Liners are measured correctly in “mil” thickness. Merlin Liners are typically manufactured using 19 mil wall material and 18 mil bottom material.

Ask your installer how much more Merlin Above Ground Liners weigh, they will definitely tell you!